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Early Childhood Community Needs Assessment

Your input is absolutely critical!  Whether you participate in the needs assessment yourself or help us by connecting us with other members of the community who may be willing and able to participate, we will not be able to do this without you! 

Come back soon to read more about the process or to find out how you can participate. 

Who participated in the Early Childhood Community Needs Assessment?

Chatham Parents, Caregivers, and Child Care Providers shared their perspectives and needs during the Needs Assessment process, inlcuding through he following:

Completed a


240 Parents and Caregivers and 29 Child Care Providers completed a survey!

Participated in a Recorded Interview

24 parents, caregivers, child care providers, human service providers and community leaders  got in front the camera for a recorded interview

Participated in a

Focus Group

20+ Parents, Caregivers, and current and former NC Pre-K Providers participated in targeted Focus Groups

Early Childhood Community Needs Assessment Results

Chatham Kids Matter Film

Early Childhood Needs Assessment Findings

Community Needs Assessment
Data One-Pagers

Meet our Research Partners

The Partnership for Children is excited to be working with two talented consultants on the Early Childhood Community Needs Assessment: 

Partners for Impact and Community Voice Consulting.

They are excited to be working with the Partnership for Children, with the partner organizations of the Community Collaborative, and collaboratively alongside each other to assess the early childhood needs in Chatham County.

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