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Chatham Kids Matter Films

In addition to the Chatham Kids Matter Film, Community Voice Consulting produced five short films that dive deeper into the four focus areas of the Early Childhood Action Plan and other key themes from the Community Needs Assessment. 

Focus Area #1:

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

An exploration of the strengths and challenges of accessing health and mental health care, recreation, and social supports and resources for young children and their families in Chatham County. 

Focus Area #2:

Childcare Access

An exploration of the challenges of finding child care, including barriers by availability, geography, schedules, transportation, and affordability.

Focus Area #3:

Childcare Infrastructure

An exploration of the joys and challenges of providing quality child care, including workforce challenges, costs, and facility maintenance. 

Focus Area #4:

High-Quality Early Learning

An exploration of the diverse definitions of high-quality early learning. 

Additional Themes:

Growth & Development in Chatham County

An exploration of how residential and business growth and development in Chatham County impacts families with young children.

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